Strategically Grow Your Audiology Practice Through Online Marketing

Online marketing is the future of your business & Search Engine Optimization is no longer a fad to exploit. Google gets smarter and smarter each day and only allows the truly authoritative and quality websites high rankings in their search results. Here at AudiologyDesign we do just that with high end responsive design and turning your website into an number one information resource for the prospective patients in your target markets.

A guide to using social media to improve reach of health messages, increase access to your content, further participation with audiences and advance transparency to improve health communication efforts.
The Health Communicator’s Social Media Toolkit – CDC

The rules regarding patient privacy that apply to everything else you do in healthcare also apply to social media activities.
HIPAA-Compliant Social Media Strategy – David Harlow JD MPH and Dan Hinmon

Tips for minimizing the negative ramifications of your presence on social media outlets.
Responding to Negative Feedback on Social Media Platforms – Hive Strategies

Ten Million Reasons to Think About the Internet, Marketing, and your Website

This easy-to-read eBook helps business owners and managers better understand the importance of the hearing health care demographic on the web. It focuses on the following topics:

  • Internet Demographics and Usage
  • Marketing and Website Content
  • Offline to Online Marketing Synergies
  • Search Engines and Local Search
  • General Design Guidelines

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