Content Marketing
Engage your patients

Benefits of content marketing

Quality content draws patients to your website. Google rewards quality content by increasing your rankings in their search engines. Build brand awareness, trust and loyalty by providing authoritative and informative content to your patients.

Growth from Facebook Advertising

grow patient leads

The right content will drive traffic to your website and enhance patient engagement – ultimately increasing leads and appointments to your practice.

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Why Content Marketing?


Engage patients with expertly crafted hearing healthcare content

We offer unique, keyword-rich, long-form blogging to help you rank with Google. These pieces are drafted specifically for your website and will include topics designed to improve your visibility based on our SEO-analysis.

  • Blog Content Startup Analysis: In order to get the most out of your content, we’ll also perform a start-up analysis of your website to see which keywords you will benefit most from, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ll also rely on quarterly reports to fine-tune your keyword strategy to help you get the most reach.
  • Monthly Posting: Each month you will receive one long-form piece, at least 700 words long.
  • Unique: This post will be a subject tailored for your audience and will provide a call-to-action to help lead patients to your services.
  • SEO-Friendly: Not only will your content make your potential patients happy, it will also utilize keywords specific to the hearing care industry to make Google happy, too.

Custom Content

Provide valuable insight to your patients and gain authority with custom evergreen content

Not only does Google want to see informative, well-written static content for your website, your patients do too! With our custom content service, we’ll review your site and recommend topics for evergreen content that will live on your page. These pieces will be at least 350 words long and will focus on precise topics that will help tell Google you are the authority in your area on this subject. They will also promote your clinic while providing valuable information to your patients.

Grow more patient leads with the experts in digital marketing and hearing healthcare.