3 Tips to Help Your Practice Maintain a Vibrant Facebook Presence

Social Media Marketing

With 62 percent of adults age 50+ on the platform, Facebook has become an increasingly important marketing tool for successful hearing industry practices. But it’s no longer enough to just be present–you need to make a good impression on potential patients who are researching you.

Utilizing the 3 tips below will allow you maintain a vibrant Facebook presence and increase brand awareness among Facebook users in your area.

1. Stay Active: Post Regularly

We recommend posting relevant, useful hearing content at least once per week on your Facebook page. Potential patients will then be able to visit your page, see recent posts and know that you are actively seeing patients. If they arrive at your page and see no posts for the past several years (or even months!) they may come away with the impression that your business is permanently closed.

The right content can also influence the person’s decision to seek hearing healthcare. Posts can be sourced online through YouTube, newsletters and articles which you can link to from your Facebook posts. Have fun with posting, while keeping in mind that the content is your calling card and should be relevant to potential patients researching hearing providers.

Posting frequently takes planning and time, to write and post content. We can handle this for you for an affordable monthly fee, and leave you free to do what you do best: serve your patients. Click here for more about our Social Media Marketing service.

2. Enhance Your Website Content: Facebook Widgets

Connecting your website with your Facebook page is simple and free to do. By having a cohesive presence across both platforms, you will ensure a uniform brand and enhance the impression of your practice online.

A simple way to connect your website to Facebook is to add the Facebook logo with a link to your page. Taking it a step further, you can embed a Facebook widget on your website by using Facebook’s Developer Tools. This will allow you to display all of your Facebook posts on your website, and entice website visitors to also follow you on Facebook for future updates.

The widget code is free to download from Facebook’s tools and simple to add to your site–for all AudiologyDesign clients we can take care of it on your behalf as part of your normal monthly fees. Reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions!

3. Put Your Best Foot Forward: Collect Reviews

Consumer decision making has changed. Online reviews have become increasingly important for all consumer-facing companies, expanding from traditionally reviewed businesses like restaurants and movie theaters to include medical practices like yours.

Facebook reviews are even more important now–they can appear on your Google My Business listing when patients are researching providers and can give an impression of your practice before someone even reaches Facebook.

Proactively asking patients for reviews can help boost these highly-visible scores online and bring in new business. You can make these requests in person or via email, linking to your Facebook page.

To save time and automate the process (and help screen out negative reviewers), you can sign up for AudiologyDesign’s Review Generation service. It costs less than $1,000 per year, and will save you oodles of time and effort. Click here to learn more about our Review Generation service.

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