5 Social Media Trends in the Hearing Healthcare Community

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These days, patients of all ages are turning to social media for healthcare information and to share their experiences. As a result, popular social platforms have become valuable tools for healthcare professionals, including those in the hearing industry. However, the more people that share content, the harder it is to cut through the noise and reach the right patient audience.

A great strategy for creating stand-out content is to leverage social media trends. In this post, we’re sharing five of the latest trends we’ve seen on the hearing healthcare side of social media. Read More

How to Connect More Patients to Your Practice With Google Search Ads

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Paid advertising is a major aspect of digital marketing strategy, especially within the hearing industry. There are roughly 1.75 million hearing-related searches conducted monthly, and 73% of consumers turn to search engines to research healthcare and treatment. If you’re looking to boost your practice’s visibility and reach patients searching for your services, Google Search Ads is a great tool.

In this post, we’ll explain the benefits of Google Search Ads and provide some tips for building successful campaigns.  Read More


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At AudiologyDesign, we’re passionate about the hearing industry because many of us have our own experiences with hearing loss. It’s why we love helping connect patients to hearing professionals.

Our Director of Business Development, Meghan Pendley, continues our #WhyWereHear series by sharing her appreciation for hearing loss awareness after 10 years in the industry: Read More

Why You Should Leverage Facebook Ads To Promote Your Next Office Event

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Events are an excellent way to connect with your community, build interest in new products, and help convert new leads to patients. Planning an event, however, is no small feat. If you and your staff are spending the time and energy, your efforts should be well-rewarded with new patient leads. 

The key to any successful event is, of course, getting patients interested in your services to show up! In this post, we’ll cover the benefits of in-office events and why Facebook ads can be a great way to boost your event attendance. Read More

#Whywerehear: Amanda’s Hearing Loss Awareness Story

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At AudiologyDesign, we’re passionate about the hearing industry because many of us have our own experiences with hearing loss. It’s why we love helping connect patients to hearing professionals.

Our Marketing Manager, Amanda Rose, continues our #WhyWereHear series with a story about how working in the hearing industry made her more aware of her own hearing health: Read More

How to Deal With Spam and Marketing Scams

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Have you ever received an onslaught of robocalls “attempting to reach you about your car’s extended warranty?” Similarly, email spam and marketing scams have become a pesky, unavoidable part of life on the internet. 

While you can typically just throw away and ignore spam, it can be a frustrating drain on your time. There’s nothing more discouraging than opening up your email to see a slew of spam burying your qualified patient leads. Read More

4 Myths About Google Ads Debunked

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Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a huge component of digital marketing. With Google dominating over 90% of the search engine market, it’s no surprise Google Ads is one of the most popular PPC platforms. Its popularity, however, should not be confused with simplicity: Without the right expertise, Google Ads can be a challenging world to navigate. Read More