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How to Deal With Spam and Marketing Scams

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Have you ever received an onslaught of robocalls “attempting to reach you about your car’s extended warranty?” Similarly, email spam and marketing scams have become a pesky, unavoidable part of life on the internet. 

While you can typically just throw away and ignore spam, it can be a frustrating drain on your time. There’s nothing more discouraging than opening up your email to see a slew of spam burying your qualified patient leads. Read More

4 Myths About Google Ads Debunked

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Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a huge component of digital marketing. With Google dominating over 90% of the search engine market, it’s no surprise Google Ads is one of the most popular PPC platforms. Its popularity, however, should not be confused with simplicity: Without the right expertise, Google Ads can be a challenging world to navigate. Read More

What Should You Be Posting on Social Media?

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It’s no secret that social media posts are key to getting more eyes on your practice. While you already know you should be posting regularly, you might be wondering what kinds of posts you should create. The truth is, all content (from videos to infographics to articles) serves a purpose and can benefit your marketing in different ways. The key is discovering which mix works best for you and your audience. 

To help, let’s explore the different types of social media content and how they can enhance your online presence. Read More

How to Leverage Written Content to Boost Authority for Your Hearing Aid Practice

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You’ve heard the conventional wisdom, “all great relationships are built on trust.” This is just as true for hearing aid practitioners and their current and prospective patients.

But how can practitioners build trust and establish authority? While you already possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to do so, communicating your value and proving yourself to be an authority can feel daunting.  Read More

Why Your Practice Should Offer Online Scheduling

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Online appointment scheduling is a software integration built into digital properties that allows for patients to book appointments through a practice’s website or landing pages instead of by phone or in person.

Studies have shown that 70% of users prefer online scheduling availability when booking healthcare appointments. This means that it’s crucial for your hearing healthcare practice to provide online appointment scheduling as an option for your patients.  Read More

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing in the Hearing Industry

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The terms “traditional marketing” and “digital marketing” are thrown around a lot in marketing conversations these days. Many agencies tend to be exclusive to servicing one form or the other and oftentimes this results in competition between the two and disparate marketing efforts that aren’t cohesive. This can often be a challenge for hearing industry professionals to navigate, leaving them to wonder, where should they be investing their marketing dollars?

Read More

AudiologyDesign is Now Offering Direct Mail Services

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Cincinnati, Ohio (March 1, 2021) – AudiologyDesign, the leading digital marketing provider for the hearing healthcare profession, is adding direct mail marketing services – enhancing their capabilities to positively influence the patient journey for Audiology and hearing aid clinics.

Direct mail services will complement and integrate with AudiologyDesign’s array of digital marketing tactics to increase quality patient leads and appointments. Read More