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Understanding UX Website Design and Why It’s Important for Your Practice

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Making decisions about healthcare can be an emotional process for patients. The complicated web of information online often leaves patients unsure about what is relevant to their needs. Add in the confusing policies, paperwork and processes sometimes associated with healthcare, and patients might already feel overwhelmed before they make it to a provider’s office.  Read More

Google Ad Updates

A Big Change is Coming to Google Search Ads: Here’s What It Means For Campaign Performance

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Since launching in 2000, Google Ads has evolved into a powerful marketing tool used by advertisers across many industries. With roughly 1.75 million hearing-related searches conducted monthly, Google search ads are a great way for hearing professionals to connect with potential patients searching for care.

Now, Google is making one of the biggest changes to their advertising platform in over 20 years. Starting on June 30 of this year, Google will sunset their Expanded Text Ad (ETA) format for a new, Responsive Search Ad (RSA) format.  Read More