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With a small business, it is important to build a strong presence in your local market. This is done through a number of marketing initiatives. A professionally designed logo is the foundation of a brand and serves as a visual identity for consumers.

As a small business, you have limited time to make a first and lasting impression. Whether you are starting a new practice or looking to improve your existing brand identity, our Design team will create a recognizable logo that solidifies your brand.

Logo 101

Think of a logo as an employee whose main job is to be distinctive and represent the company in the best possible way. What would she look like? How would she feel like? Is she a boss or the girl next door? Is he loud and cheerful or restrained and calm? The information you provide us enables us to visualize that employee.

The more information we have, the much happier you will be with the final result. Getting there takes communication and understanding of both parties. We want to guarantee we are able to provide a logo that best represents you and your practice.

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Branding Best Practices
Know the Language

With a collaborative effort, our designers have put together a comprehensive guide that helps consumers come up to speed with some of the lingo & terminology used when describing what it is they want out of a logo. This ultimately helps during our Logo Intake process to ensure everyone is on the same page and they end up with a logo you love!

Click the button below to download our Logo 101 guide and read it over to help determine what you’re looking for prior to consultation.

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A solid logo design intake ensures that no time is wasted, and that you receive targeted logo options as soon as possible.


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