Support No Longer Available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10

By March 9, 2016Technology
Ending support for Internet Explorer

Microsoft announced January 12 they are ending the support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10. Users of these browsers will be sent a “ping” asking them to upgrade their browsers to Internet Explorer 11 through what Microsoft is calling the “End of Life” patch. The “End of Life” patch means the older Internet Explorer versions will no longer receive regular technical support and security fixes.

Take Action Now

Those who decline to upgrade will be prone to security risks and vulnerabilities as Microsoft will no longer be updating these browsers. We strongly advise you to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 or switch to a different browser, including our favorites: Google Chrome ( and Mozilla Firefox ( These browsers are free to download.

To learn more about the “End of Life” patch or Internet Explorer, visit Microsoft’s website:

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