DRIP Campaigns: What are they & how can they help your practice receive more reviews?

By February 22, 2021Practice Marketing

Generally, drip marketing campaigns revolve around the concept of multiple automated touchpoints that are sent to audience members on a scheduled basis and follow-ups are dependent on specific triggering events. These campaigns can be executed in many ways, but some of the most common forms are through automated Drip Email and Drip SMS (text) efforts.

Many hearing healthcare providers use Drip Campaigns as a part of their review generation strategies. This is because studies show that 72% of customers leave reviews when asked to do so

At AudiologyDesign, our clients who are enrolled in our review generation service have both Drip Email and Drip SMS campaigns built into their platforms so that this process is automatically performed for them when adding new patients into the review gen system. 

Typically, a Review Gen Drip Campaign will be created to send a new email or text message to each patient once every few days. An initial request for a patient’s review of the practice will be sent via email or text as soon as a patient becomes an active recipient in the system. 

Then, based on the patient’s interaction with that message, different actions are taken using a set of predefined rules. If the patient moves forward with the request for review upon receiving the first message then they will no longer receive additional message requests for a review.

However, if a patient does not respond to the initial message with the action of making a review, then three days later they will receive a follow-up text message to gently remind them of the request. If after that second message, the request has still not been fulfilled, a final text message request will be sent to them one week later with one final gentle reminder.

Drip Campaigns are a great way for hearing healthcare practices to encourage communication and engagement with their patients. The balance of the automated follow-up schedule allows providers to stay top-of-mind for their patients, while still understanding that their patients may have gotten distracted with life’s everyday to-do’s and need a gentle reminder. The repetition of the request for a review shows the patient the practice values their opinion and cares about the way they’re treated, which creates a sense of brand loyalty to the practice and builds a strong relationship between the provider and patient.

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