How We’re Helping to Ensure Your Website is Accessible for All Users

Including accessibility features in your website is important so that all users have easy access to the information you are providing. Technically, the regulatory standards for ADA compliance regarding websites have not been clearly defined in law at this point in time. However, there are measures that we take to ensure users with certain impairments are provided a more optimal user experience.

At AudiologyDesign, we build websites in accordance with the WCAG 2.0 AA Guidelines. Here are some the steps we take from a design, development and SEO perspective to ensure your website is accessible to all users:

  • Following webAIM standards for color combinations to ensure sites are legible for viewers with all levels of visual ability
  • Restricting the of text over image backgrounds to certain percentages for readability
  • Restricting the use of decorative fonts for better readability
  • Maintaining alt-tags on all images and using descriptive text on links (“See Products” v. “Learn More”). These can help people who use screen readers navigate sites more effectively
  • Optional text sizers so users can increase text size
  • Proper page formatting such as page titles, headings and anchor text
  • Easy to locate and identify call-to-actions and clickable areas for streamlined user interactions.
  • Site navigation is structured by content types and dropdown menus helps users quickly find and navigate to their desired content 

Although the ADA compliance area can get a little fuzzy due to its dated text that hasn’t been revised since the new millennium, there are still guidelines in place that serve as a benchmark. The Department of Justice uses WCAG 2.0 as the internationally recognized benchmark for web accessibility. For the full description of what WCAG 2.0 recommendations include, please refer to the documents on their website here.

As advocates for healthcare and accessibility, we believe in making your website as user-friendly as possible to meet the needs of all of your current and future patients. 

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