Reviews have become a new form of PR in the business world. It’s the new word of mouth. In fact, more than 80% of consumers read reviews prior to visiting a business or using a service, and 40% only pay attention to the reviews that were left in the past two weeks. In today’s culture, reviews equal trust, and with this gain in popularity of reviews, patients look to them as a snapshot view into your practice. 

Adding patient reviews to your Google Business Listing can also help with your overall search ranking on Google. The more online presence you have, the easier it is to find you! It’s also important to give your patients other platforms to leave you feedback, giving them the option for Google, Facebook and Healthy Hearing, for example. This will ensure you cover the sites they have an easily accessible log-in, or prefer to review you on.

You can maximize these reviews by using Review Generation! This service streamlines the review process while mitigating negative feedback from going live on sites. It starts by sending them an initial review request with options to leave feedback on your preferred site listings. If they select less than satisfactory, they will be prompted to leave private feedback. By doing this, it will mitigate any negative reviews from going live, and hopefully answer any questions or concerns presented in their feedback. 

We also integrate with some of the leading practice management software, which makes the program even easier to use. This functionality can also be displayed on your website, and is a great way of showing your audience the various feedback from your review site listings. This will give prospective patients a sense of confidence in your practice.

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