Turn Prospects Into Patients

By February 12, 2016Practice Marketing
Turn Prospects Into Patients

So your online marketing is working and your website is bringing in calls from prospective patients; but what steps should you take to ensure they book an appointment or to increase patient appointments overall?

The sales process has many important steps and closing the deal is one of them. It’s the part of the process that will determine whether a patient makes an appointment with you or a hearing healthcare professional down the road.

Top Tips for Booking More Patients:

  1. Be attentive. Listen to the patients needs and answer any questions they have without hesitation. When you speak to a prospective patient, have confidence in your abilities and your practice. Aim to keep the conversation light and friendly, regardless of how your prospect responds.
  1. Sell value. This doesn’t necessarily mean offering them a lower rate. It could also be specialized equipment or flexible operating hours that help you stand out from the rest.
  1. Work with their concerns. When speaking to a prospective patient, you might pick up on concerns they have or problems they previously experienced at a hearing practice in the past. Find a way to reassure them and give them reasons you will provide them with a better experience.
  1. Confirm their understanding. When a prospect asks you questions, make sure they understand your responses. If a patient is not clear about what you said, it could result in them phoning another practice. Ask questions such as, “does that make sense?” or “do you have any further questions?”
  1. Ask for the appointment. Once you have tended to any queries the client might have, politely ask if you can make an appointment for them at a time that suits them.
  1. Follow Up. Make sure to ask for their contact information so you can follow up with any marketing materials and communication. Ask them how they heard about your practice so you know where to focus your efforts in the future.

Taking the time to chat with your patients and understand their needs will make closing the deal a lot easier. Make it about the prospect and what would work for them. Patients appreciate a specialist who wants to help them in any way they can.


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