Whether your clinic is moving down the street or across the state, we know there will be hundreds of things for you to take care of, like outfitting your new space and updating your address with vendors and state officials. Not to mention informing your patients that you’ve moved, and updating your marketing materials with the new address!

With so much on your plate, we want to simplify one aspect of your move: updating your online presence. Below are the three steps you’ll need to follow in order to make the move as smooth as possible in the digital arena.

1. Update Your Website

Current patients may check your website for information before their next appointment, and potential new leads may find your website URL in your marketing materials or in searches online. Updating the site to reflect the accurate location should be your top priority!

Want it done for you? All AudiologyDesign website clients can request this update for free by entering a ticket in our system here. If you decide to make the update on your own, check for all of the hidden places your address might appear (sidebar, footer, header, locations page) and be sure to make the change throughout the entire site. You’ll also want to consider adding a “We’ve Moved!” notification in a prominent position, to draw attention to the new information.

2. Update Your Google My Business Listing

Google dominates consumer search, so how your business is listed in Google can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Sign in at google.com/business to access your Google account and make the address change as soon as it’s updated on your website.

Haven’t claimed your Google listing yet? It’s free to do. See our article on claiming your Google Listing and get started now.

Want it done for you? AudiologyDesign will make Google Listing address updates for clients in our SEO package. Please notify your Account Manager at least 7 days beforehand so we can be sure to release the update timed with your move.

3. Find and Replace Your Name, Address, Phone (NAP) Across the Web

There are thousands of directories across the web that list your name, address and phone (NAP). These sites are important for two reasons: 1) patients may use the directory as a source of directions or phone numbers to get in touch with you and 2) Google considers the consistency between these directories when ranking your website in search.

The directories may pick up your new address over time, but it’s best not to leave this to chance. You can purchase a one-time “Citation Cleanup” from AudiologyDesign, and we will update hundreds of sites to make sure they match across the board. Ignoring these directories could negatively affect your Google ranking. Contact us today for a quote before or after your move.

Best of luck with your move, and please get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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