AudiologyDesign is Now Offering Direct Mail Services

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Cincinnati, Ohio (March 1, 2021) – AudiologyDesign, the leading digital marketing provider for the hearing healthcare profession, is adding direct mail marketing services – enhancing their capabilities to positively influence the patient journey for Audiology and hearing aid clinics.

Direct mail services will complement and integrate with AudiologyDesign’s array of digital marketing tactics to increase quality patient leads and appointments. Read More

DRIP Campaigns: What are they & how can they help your practice receive more reviews?

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Generally, drip marketing campaigns revolve around the concept of multiple automated touchpoints that are sent to audience members on a scheduled basis and follow-ups are dependent on specific triggering events. These campaigns can be executed in many ways, but some of the most common forms are through automated Drip Email and Drip SMS (text) efforts. Read More

How We’re Helping to Ensure Your Website is Accessible for All Users

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Including accessibility features in your website is important so that all users have easy access to the information you are providing. Technically, the regulatory standards for ADA compliance regarding websites have not been clearly defined in law at this point in time. However, there are measures that we take to ensure users with certain impairments are provided a more optimal user experience. Read More

What Your Clinic Needs in 2020: Online Appointment Booking

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According to a recent GetApp survey, 70% of consumers prefer online scheduling for setting appointments. And it’s not hard to imagine why — consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet to meet all of their daily needs. With a few clicks you can order groceries, catch up on local news and book your next vacation, all in just 10 minutes!

Consumer reliance on digital resources can stem from simply being too busy, wanting the quickest solution to their question or, especially in our industry, wanting to avoid speaking on the telephone. Allowing your patients to book an appointment online will meet all of these underlying needs and provide them the best experience possible.

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Reopening Checklist

Communicating Your Reopening to Patients Online

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Managing Your Practice Online During COVID-19

If your clinical schedule slowed or stopped during the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, you may be facing the challenge now of reopening your office to patients. After you’ve put precautions in place, the next hurdle is letting your patients know that you are open once again, offering a variety of services with potentially new policies they need to be aware of.

It is our mission at AudiologyDesign to do all we can to help you utilize your digital properties to effectively provide updates taking place at your practice. To that end, we’ve provided suggested updates and tutorials below to help you inform patients!

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2-Part Webinar Series

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Digital Marketing in Turbulent Times and During the New Normal

Join AudiologyDesign’s Partner and Vice President of Strategy, Paul Dybala, Ph.D., for a webinar about communicating with your patients during COVID-19 and beyond.

SESSION 1: Thursday, April 23, 2:00 PM EST

We’ll discuss how digital marketing needs to evolve in the current turbulent times to align with your patients’ changing needs. Our COVID-19 communication hierarchy of needs plan will detail how you should be communicating digitally and otherwise to your patients.

SESSION 2: Tuesday, April 28, 2:00 PM EST

We’ll discuss how COVID-19 has already transformed your business, in addition to our healthcare systems and remote communications. When we climb over this mountain, what do you need to be thinking about when we begin navigating the other side?

Managing Your Practice Online During COVID-19

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At AudiologyDesign, the safety and well-being of our team members, partners and you — our valued clients — is our top priority. As we’re all navigating the changing environment, it is our mission at AudiologyDesign to do all we can to help you utilize your digital properties to effectively provide updates taking place at your practice. Your website and other digital properties are important tools that you can use to communicate to both your current and future patients and keep them informed on any action you are taking during this time.

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What Are Google’s Platforms And Which Should I Use?

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Google dominates the search market, with experts estimating that as much as 90% of all search traffic comes through Google’s search engine. With that level of consumer adoption, Google has become increasingly important for hearing clinics looking for exposure online.

The search giant has many different tools, which can be confusing to try to navigate. Below we’ve included an explanation of what each tool is, and advice on which you should sign up for. Read More