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Tips for Setting up a YouTube Channel for your Practice

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Tips for Setting up Your Practice YouTube Channel

Videos are the preferred medium for many different online search queries, so utilizing quality video content that is relevant to your target audience is important in expanding your online reach. YouTube is now one of the top five search engines in the world and it’s important your practice has a presence on this platform.

How to set up a YouTube channel:

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Google Launches Another Mobile-Friendly Update

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Today, Google announced another search algorithm update that favors mobile-friendly websites. According to Google, this will “increase the effect of the [mobile-friendly] ranking signal.” Our records indicate that your website is not up to date for these changes. We encourage you to contact our team to learn how you can take advantage of the mobile-friendly benefits. Read More

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4 Online Content Ideas to Use in 2016

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Your online marketing strategy needs to be more tactical and creative than ever in order to stand out in the competitive online world. Content marketing is a great way to get search engines to crawl your website and to entice online users to find your business. The key to utilizing content marketing is by cultivating innovative and dynamic pieces to keep your audience engaged with your site. Read More

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Claiming Your Local Business Listings Online

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Claiming your local business listings is a simple and effective tactic for boosting the visibility of your practice online. As a local specialist, it is important for prospective patients to be able to find your business wherever they may be searching. While having a website and general online presence is a great first step, claiming your local business listings gives your practice an extra boost to get in front of a targeted local audience. Read More

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5 Tips for Responding Positively to Negative Patient Reviews

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Reading through a negative review of your practice is not a pleasant experience. While you may feel you are providing excellent patient service, not everyone will agree with how you run your practice or your approach as a specialist. It can be tempting to type up a rushed, defensive response for yourself and your practice, but there are a few things you should consider before you hit send. Read More

Ending support for Internet Explorer

Support No Longer Available for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and 10

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Microsoft announced January 12 they are ending the support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10. Users of these browsers will be sent a “ping” asking them to upgrade their browsers to Internet Explorer 11 through what Microsoft is calling the “End of Life” patch. The “End of Life” patch means the older Internet Explorer versions will no longer receive regular technical support and security fixes. Read More

Pay-per-click advertising for practices

The Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Practices

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When it comes to businesses competing for space on the first page of top search engines like Google and Bing, competition can be fierce. In order to make sure your practice is seen by your target audience, it is important to claim as much real estate as possible, especially if you are in a highly competitive market. Pay-per-click advertising can be a nice compliment to your organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Read More

Turn Prospects Into Patients

Turn Prospects Into Patients

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So your online marketing is working and your website is bringing in calls from prospective patients; but what steps should you take to ensure they book an appointment or to increase patient appointments overall?

The sales process has many important steps and closing the deal is one of them. It’s the part of the process that will determine whether a patient makes an appointment with you or a hearing healthcare professional down the road. Read More

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4 Affordable Ways to Market Your Practice

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Low cost marketing tactics you can implement today.

Managing your hearing practice can be a difficult task and the number one consideration for any business owner is money. However, you should never put marketing at the end of your priority list when you’re creating a budget; marketing activities and strategies are what will bring in new patients,  grow your practice and provide you with the best return on investment (ROI). Read More